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The Harvey Milk Story Kari Krakow

The Harvey Milk Story

Kari Krakow

Published May 1st 2002
ISBN : 9780967446837
32 pages
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 About the Book 

The Harvey Milk Story is a picture book depicting the life of the first openly gay elected city official in the United States. The author begins Harvey’s story from his childhood and his realization that he is gay and alone with this truth. Especially given the time in history, Harvey feared what would happen to him if he shared he was gay. The strain of his secret and initial relationships take him to San Francisco where he became active in politics, in hopes of ending silence and making “laws to ensure the quality of life for all people”. Harvey’s assassination was riveting to the community and nation. The author describes in an epilogue the changes in our laws and civil rights protecting gay people. This book is inspiring as it encourages us to be true to ourselves and play our part in making the world better for all. This picture book would be appropriate for grades 6-9. This biography would be an important part of a civil rights unit. Because gay and lesbian discussions require sensitivity in our schools, providing information to families about the unit and its focus in history will be an important introduction