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The Eastman Robert Martin

The Eastman

Robert Martin

Published April 1st 2015
Kindle Edition
128 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Abdul Karmar, aka The Eastman, is a well-educated hired gun of mixed Tuareg and Arab descent whose loyalties lie with the highest bidder. He moved to Libya to find a better life, and although he didnt care for the countrys leader, he didnt care for the West men either-earning him his nickname. The Eastman is also a huge fan of American westerns. He meets Sam Randall, an American Cov Ops agent, one night while on assignment in Bagdad, and their paths will cross again years later when Randalls wife is kidnapped in the United States. The Eastman is a fast-paced thriller-a multifaceted novel whose unpredictable plot spans the globe. The constantly changing landscape and diverse cast of characters result in a surprising and suspenseful debut novel, peppered with a distinctive Old West flavor.