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Tom Boler

Daren King

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 About the Book 

I started reading this book about an hour ago, and I am now finished with it. I didnt finish it - Im just finished with it. I read about a third of it (its not a long book), and I dont actually know how I got that far. The author has written in what he thinks is the style of a nine year old. I have an eight year old, and she doesnt speak or write as immaturely as that. Even given that Tom might not be the most advanced, it is an insult to children of this age group. Also, given the background to Toms upbringing, he seems very naive about sex and relationships. The storyline is pretty grim. Perhaps if the writing was correct rather than pseudo-nine-year-old OR the story was a bit less depressing, I might have continued with this story. As it is, Im going to bin this one. (I wouldnt want to inflict this on anyone else, so its not going to the charity shop.)